Months 9 to 11

As every Canadian knows, it was a long winter. Longer than usual. Especially for the maritimes. It was cold, and there was A LOT of snow. SO happy to see spring finally arrive in April! And so was Wyatt!
Month 9 - March 2014


Wyatt ends up in CHEO once this month, for a virus and pneumonia. He is treated with antibiotics for 10 days.


Milestones reached: Rolling into crawling position, saying "Ga-ga-ga". Signing 'all done'. (First sign!)


Month 10 - April 2014


Wyatt arrives in CHEO at the beginning of the month because he is vomiting copious amounts of blood. He`s admitted for 1 week, with aspirated pneumonia, due to his NG rubbing against the posterior stomach lining, and causing blood to aspirate into his lungs. Mom puts her foot down to get a case study, and to revisit a possibility of a Gtube.


Milestones reached: Still trying to crawl! (Three of the last 6 weeks were spent in CHEO).

Month 11 - May 2014


This month Wyatt finally got his Nasal Gastric tube replaced with a Gastric Tube. You will notice in the photographs that Wyatt has a tube going into his nose, and others, where he very much appears to be a normal boy. May has been the month of change for our little guy!


Milestones reached: Moving from belly to sitting position, signing actively with mom to communicate needs, and dancing on his bum.

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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