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Months 19 to 21

Between the months of December and January, Wyatt hits a new record of avoiding any admissions - he went 8 weeks without making a visit to the Emerge!
Month 19 - January 2015


January ends up being a very busy month for us.  We finally got our specialists appointments, namely, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy.  We received a ton of good information, and some surprising recommendations as well (ie:keep feeding him orally?!).  Physio originally thought he would start walking this month, however he would not take his first steps until mid February.  




Milestones reached: Wyatt has begun to say a new sound: 'f', he has stood up on his own for over 5 seconds, and he signed water.


Month 20 - February 2015


We went the whole month of February without being admitted, but it wasn't without its downfalls.  Wyatt fell ill in mid February, and as of the second week in March, Wyatt was still ill, and was diagnosed with pneumonia, and put on antibiotics (again). Wyatt took his first steps in front of Dr.Issa, his pediatrician, and our Nurse Coordinator, Erin.  It was a truly touching moment - there were tears.  And squeals of happiness.  And I think some clapping.  There may have been a band in the background as well.  It was quite the milestone.



Milestones reached: Wyatt has finally started walking!!  His physiotherapist feels confident that Wyatt is developing normally.  Wyatt continues to see his Speech Therapist.

Month 21 - March 2015


Stay tuned!


Milestones reached: Can sign over 50 different words!

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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