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Months 15 to 17

Wyatt went one whole month in October without being admitted, which is pretty great considering we have two kids in school bringing all sorts of bugs home.  
Month 15 - September 2014


Wyatt ends up in CHEO twice this month, once for vomitting blood, and a second time for a severe ear infection. 




Milestones reached: Wyatt has begun to walk with a walker, has cruised two steps, and is pointing at things.  He has also said "Ju-Ju", which is his older brother's nickname for Jube Jube.


Month 16 - October 2014


Wyatt stays out of CHEO all month long, which is nothing short of a miracle.  Both Aila and Jude have come home with multiple runny noses, fevers and coughs.  He is still scooting along, but still isn't very interested in anything beyond his play mats, in the living room.



Milestones reached: stood up on his own (he'll seldomly do this,  until Spring 2015), signed airplane, all done + bath + diaper change ('I'm all done my bath, it's time for a diaper change). He crawled up the stairs on his own!

Month 17 - November 2014


Wyatt was admitted for a little over a week at the end of November for throwing up blood and another ear infection.


Milestones reached: Wyatt is pointing every day now, he signed 'again' at the local park (this sign will become one of his favourites), and even signed I love you to dad!

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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