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Months 12 to 14

Wyatt went July to August without any kind of cold - the longest stint he has had being well.  It was time well enjoyed with family and friends!
Month 12 - July 2014


Wyatt ends up in CHEO once this month, for vomiting blood . He is admitted for two weeks, and returns home five days before his birthday.




Milestones reached: Crawling! Saying dada more clearly.


Month 13 - July 2014


Wyatt begins to crawl at a quicker pace, however he sticks to his play mats, and doesn't want to explore as much as my other two children did at his age. He sees his physiotherapist from Ottawa Children's Treatment Center (OCTC), and a pediatric assessment coordinator. The conclusion of their assessments: he is meeting his milestones in some areas, but has fallen behind in others. Of concern for the coordinator, are the number of words he says, and sounds he can utter.



Milestones reached: Signing in different contexts without prompting.

Month 14 - August 2014


Wyatt was admitted overnight for 'swallowing' two rocks. After a short stint in the OR room, the rocks were both successfully removed. Two and half weeks later, Wyatt is admitted with a severe ear infection, respiratory distress and fever.


Milestones reached: Beginning to explore his surroundings - moving away from the play mats. Signing different words, and is able to say 'car' and 'grandma'.

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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