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The first few days of Wyatt's life seemed to be a battle between doctors arguing whether he was hypertonic or hypotonic. 


After Pelée came for a visit, an in-house physiotherapist. most doctors believed that Wyatt did not have a problem with his physical tone, as Pelée could get Wyatt into a completely relaxed state within minutes of baby massage.


Pelée showed us how to manipulate him, as well as, enlighten us on the importance of our energies, and the importance of not only mom sharing skin to skin moments, but also dad. Dad has played a pivotol role in Wyatt's physiotherapy. 


During his initial admission, (birth to 2.5 months old), he was also seen by a Occupational Therapist (OT) every day, who performed physiotherapy specifically on his jaw.


Wyatt is an outpatient with OT and is supposed to be seen once a month for exercises. 


Mom and dad brought Wyatt once a week to an Ostheopath in a private clinic, which gave us slow, positive results. Wyatt gained more of an opening, which lasted for hours. He showed us different ranges of his voice, even though he had minimal movement of his jaw. Wyatt's Osteopath performed Cranial Sacral Therapy on him during his sessions.


After 10 months of adjustments by Wyatt's chiropractor, we are going back to Wyatt's Ostheopath, as we believe Wyatt has 'plateaued' with Chiropractic care.  His facial muscles are much more relaxed, but we have not seen any great improvement in the past 4-6 months.  He has more control with his neck muscles, and his eyesight focus has improved, albeit, by very little.  We are going back to his Ostheopath, because we want Wyatt to speak, and more importantly swallow and eat (in that order).  The Ostheopath specifically works on Cranial Sacral Therapy and so far, our results with her have been promising.  For example, in September 2016, we were able to open his mouth to 15 mm!  Wyatt's opening has also remained consistently open to 10 mm, which means that his muscle's memory has changed - instead of remaining 1mm (when born), he has improved to 10 mm.


Wyatt is seen by Trudy Bedard, from Head Neck and Jaw Physiotherapy.



What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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