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Ottawa Paramedics

The Ottawa Paramedics went above and beyond this year to keep our little guy safe.  I am certain with his trach, many are sleeping soundly these days - and yes, our Ottawa health care providers care about their patients that much! 


I think the idea to create a training video on how to care for Wyatt in an emergency situation was prompted by a couple of too many rides to CHEO where the paramedic couldn't rely on their training, because Wyatt didn't quite fit the criteria.


A.k.a: Ask mom or dad what to do, because they know best.


I am not going to be modest here - Andrew and I take "Being your child's advocate" to a whole new level.  We are confident with our medical experience when it comes to Wyatt, and yah - we may have been a bit disensitized (um, like the rest of the paramedics in an emergency situation), to Wyatt being in distress, because it was happening so often!  But that's what you need in my honest opinion, in an emergency situation - you can be one of two things:


  1. A blathering idiot, or



Yah! You know what you'd want to be.


So, the Ottawa Paramedics emailed us, called us, finally got us to meet with them at our house, video taped mom explaining all of Wyatt's unique "nuances" to his medical care, as well as, interviews with paramedics who know him best.  All around, the training video was a great medium to alleviate the stress when one would have to receive a call about Wyatt being in respiratory distress.


Check out their video, it's top knotch, but take into consideration, it was done prior to Wyatt's trach.





What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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