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Wyatt's Neurologist has been the only source of a possible diagnosis thus far. 


After performing an EMG on Wyatt, specifically, his quadricep, bicep and facial muscles (eye, cheeks and tongue), he discovered that Wyatt had myopathic muscles in his masseters and blinking nerves.


This confirmed his pediatric doctor's belief that he blinked less, and of course, had issues with his jaw muscles. 


Of concern at the time, (autumn 2013) were also his biceps. Upon further review in January 2014, the neurologist concluded that Wyatt's biceps were unnaffected, and considered normal.


He remarked that Wyatt had weak flexor muscles in the neck, which slowly improved with physiotherapy.


Wyatt's physical and congnitive development at 2.5 years, is considered normal by his pediatrician.


In May of 2014, Wyatt had his frontalis muscle biopsied and the results came out normal. There is no myopathy, however his Neurologist felt the biopsy itself was not a good specimen.


In October of 2015 Wyatt had a frontalis, temporalis and bicep muscle biopsy done.  There are several interesting remarks to take note of:


  1. The frontalis muscle was atrophied according to the plastic surgeon.  A specimen was not even taken, as there was not enough muscle to remove for a decent biopsy to take place.  She had asked if Wyatt was able to raise his eyebrows and I had mentioned he has difficulty doing so and at times seems uncontrolled.

  2. The temporalis muscle biopsy came out abnormal in a dye test.  Wyatt's muscle tissue is akin to hotdog-like-spheres instead of perfect circles.  Wyatt's Neurologist considers this a part of his diagnosis.  He highly recommended we continue on with physiotherapy and to be cautious with Wyatt's chiropractic care.

  3. The bicep muscle biopsy, again, came our normal.

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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