Months 3 to 5

Months 3 to 5 were our most hectic months, we were in and out of CHEO every week or two due to viruses being brought in by our four year old girl, who just began juniour kindergarten.
Month 3 - September 2013


We are finally discharged on September 12, 2013. A mere 8 days later, we are back in CHEO because Wyatt is struggling with his secretions, and is dipping below the 90% in O2 saturations.  We stay for three days, and then jet off to Toronto Sick Kids, where we meet an Oral maxillofacial surgeon, who tells us (after reviewing our file for 5 minutes) that it is TMJ, and that his recomendation is as follows: severe the masticating muscles between 6-12 months, and do instense physiotherapy for 12-18 months (5x times daily), to rebuild the muscle as it heals.


In short; not the answer we were looking for.


Milestones reached: laughs, holds onto objects, grasps toys, and rolls over.


Month 4 - October 2013


October 3rd, 2014: The first time mom has ever had to call 911. I remember thinking to myself 'I'm calling 911. I'm calling 911... I can't believe this.' The ambulance takes 20 excrutiating minutes to get to our house, while we try to keep Wyatt conscious as he chokes on his vomit. We're admitted to CHEO for two weeks, and we hide the 911 call from family and friends.


A common cold puts us in a life threatening situation with Wyatt. Albeit he is our third child, he is new uncharted parenting territory for us.


Wyatt also gets his first Botox injection by ENT, and has an EMG done by Neurology.


Milestones reached: plays in exercauser, getting better at grasping objects,

Month 5 - November 2013

We are slated to be part of CHEO's Out Patient clinic, within their Complex Care unit.  We consider ourselves lucky to have this service and it's free.


We spend two bouts in CHEO in November, one short bout, which lasts two days, as we believe he aspirated his NG tube, and one long bout from an emergency call to 911 - again due to him having a cold virus. 


Milestones: reaching for mom, positive oral stimulation.

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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