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Wyatt is born


Wyatt is born on June 27, 2013. Mom is literaly getting stitched up from a natural birth, and the nurse realizes she cannot get her finger into Wyatt's mouth, because "he is not letting" her in. The hospital transfers Wyatt to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Month 1 at CHEO


Tests, tests, and more tests

July 2013. Seems like a lifetime ago, when we were in this fog of medical jargon of "plastics", "oral maxillofacial", "nasal gastric tube", "o2 saturations", "desating", "ENT" and of course - "his rate". Seven months later, we still fiddle, worry, contemplate, compare, corelate his feeding"rate". 






Month 2 at CHEO


August 2013

This month was to be our G-tube operation, unfortunately Anaesthesia paid a visit, and dashed out all hopes of receiving the procedure before being discharged. Because of his tendency to clamp down on anyone's finger being inserted into his mouth, Wyatt was at a high risk for an emergency trachiotomy during general aneasthesia.

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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