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Wyatt had his first dental appointment at CHEO in early 2015, and we were happy to find out he had no tooth decay and many of his baby teeth were coming in normally. His dentist did warn us it will take some time for the teeth to fully erupt as he isn't masticating; the friction from masticating helps new teeth to erupt.


Additionally, Wyatt was seen by a dentist privately.  He saw Dr. Andrea Stevens from Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry.  As of December 2015, Wyatt received a T.E.N.S. (Trans-cutanenous Electrical Neural Stimulation) procedure to relieve any possible pain along his facial and neck muscles, which helped alliviate pain during his mouth physio as well.  Wyatt began with this device attached to his skull for the first 48 hours.  As his parents, we find there has been a difference with his mouth opening and the amount of speaking coming from him.

Wyatt's neurologist and ostheopath recommended a very low frequency, lasting no longer than an hour.


Follow Wyatt's Blog if you're curious about more information regarding the T.E.N.S. 

Since 2016, Wyatt's dental appointments have gone quite smoothly, cleaning is difficult, but manageable.  Wyatt brushes his teeth with his brother and sister every morning and evening, and so far - no cavities/tooth decay!  He still has yellow staining, which is typical for tube fed children, so we need to keep our eyes on it, to make sure it doesn't get worse.

What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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