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Suggested Diagnoses


Possible diagnoses or Tests(brough to the Specialists attention):

  • Myelin disruption (Wyatt is too young to have a myelin sheath, therefore this is impossible)

  • Hyoid bone, EMG of Temporalis

  • MRI of 1st Cervical

  • Trismus Pseudocamptodactyly Sydrome (genetic test came out negative)

  • Moebius (Geneticist confirmed this is an impossibility)

  • CP (Wyatt's PED is a 100% sure Wyatt does not have CP, as he is developing normally)

  • Thyroid problem (if there were issues with his Thyroid, the blood work, and his physical and cognitive development would display other problems by now)

  • Severe Posterior Tongue Tie (ENT confirmed this is an impossibility)

  • Bilaterial Coronoid Hyperplasia

  • Stroke at birth (PED confirmed this would have been caught in his early weeks from bloodwork, MRI and cognitive development)

  • Severing the masticating muscles (originally suggested in September, 2013), is not an option as Wyatt does not know how to swallow, and we do not know if this would leave him at more of a risk of choking or aspiration. Also, his Ostheopath confirmed his masseter muscles feel normal - they are not tight to the point that should prevent him from having a normal opening. 


What's Wrong With Wyatt?

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